Emotions of a Man: Episode 02

Most of us men struggle with emotions. We don’t know what we’re feeling, where these feelings come from or how to control them. As young men were never taught about our emotions and society continues to provide negative reinforcement for men that do share their feelings openly.

Holisticly, a man must be able to disengage from the situations that drive our feelings yet avoid becoming numb. He must also seek to break the cycle of burying emotional response and learn to harness it.

The Danger

Emotions can cloud reason, and if you can’t see a situation clearly, you cannot respond to it with the control and strength a man must exhibit.

Anger is one of the most destructive emotion, but is easily the most recognizable emotional response. It also has a tendency to reflect those same feelings back to you. Often times the relief of letting anger go does not provide the end result that is sought.

Growing up as little boys we were taught that anger is good. In sports it’s useful. It’s encouraged. But sadness or feeling hurt or whatever is not. We get made fun of for these feelings and get called “pussies”. So a lot of times us men, we can go straight to anger.

Love and Happiness have the potential to be destructive as well. They can blind you to the malice of individuals with self-serving intentions.


I have phenomenal guests on the podcast. However, this is a platform for you to speak your truths. Please do not hesitate to subscribe and share your opinions with us. My guests do not have all of the answers. Neither do I. Help us come to understanding each other through comments and participation.

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