Being a Man in America

It can be easy in some ways and next to impossible in others.  Join me as I explore what it is to grow from a boy to man in this country.

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Men often feel that they need to be self-reliant and provide for their loved ones, so it is not appropriate to express their emotions. At least that is what is shown in TV shows and movies. What role did our parents play in setting our behavior?

What is the advice that a man should not live without? What circumstances are unique to America that make life easy or difficult?

Life Experience

City vs Country; Rich vs Poor; Divorced Parents vs Married Parents... What are the life experiences (positive and negative) that have the most impact on the shaping of a man in America? What shapes our value system?


74% of America is Christian. The largest group of denomination of Christians are Protestants (like Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Methodist) and Catholics. What makes a man choose one or the other? Why do you think non-denominational and non-belief is on the rise in the younger generations?

Sports and Music

Most American men will assert that team sports and/or music has influenced their lives in some way. What impact does it really have? What are the lessons learned? What if you were not any good? What if you never reached the peak of your abilities?

Up Bringing

What makes a man? Manners, Respect, Toughness, Wisdom... How do you know that you have the right values instilled? What if you don't? Is it ever too late?

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